Frequently asked questions

How much does Optikey cost?

All the Optikey software is completely free, forever. However, for a full eye controlled system you will also need a Windows computer and an eye tracker.

I want a faster/slower dwell time, or to use a switch to click

These settings can all be configured in the Management Console. Run Optikey, right click on Optikey, launch the Management Console, and change the settings on the Pointing & Selecting screen.

When I try to install or run Optikey I see a Smart Screen warning saying that Optikey is an unrecognised and potentially dangerous application

Due to the fact that new releases of Optikey can be detected as new applications, Windows can occasionally consider it an unknown entity for a little while and warn people installing it that it may not be trustworthy. Don't worry - if you have downloaded Optikey from this site (or the official Optikey repository on GitHub) then it doesn't mean that the installer you are using has been compromised. Click "MORE INFO" and then "RUN ANYWAY" and the installation/run will continue normally. I expect this warning to go away as OptiKey matures and Windows starts recognising it as a "safe" application.

When I try to download, install or run Optikey my virus scanner complains that Optikey may be a virus

It isn't. Some overly zealous virus scanners mistake the keyboard simulation logic in Optikey for a keylogger, but there is no nasty stuff in the code (which is all available for scrutiny as the project is 100% open-source).

My eye tracker is not working

If your eye tracker is not working with Optikey, please first check that you have configured Optikey correctly as detailed at First time setup. If you’ve already set this up correctly and are still having problems, you can see more advice here Solving eye tracker problems.

Can I use Optikey on multiple monitors?

Optikey is designed to work on single monitor setups only and is not guaranteed to work with multi-monitor setups. Some of our users have had success on multiscreen systems with an extended desktop provided that (1) the eye tracker is correctly configured for the primary monitor, and (2) the primary monitor is on the left. In this case, the eye tracking will only work on the primary monitor, but you will be able to use the other monitor for other apps.


I just wanted you to know that today my husband David spoke using Optikey for the first time! I am so very grateful. This is transformation software. You have already changed our lives for the better.

Optikey is so incredible - my wife enjoys using it immensely. She can't use her hands and Optikey lets her use her PC again after 4 years because her hands are in too much pain.

We had originally looked at another option that was nearly £9,000. We started crowdfunding, but we are nowhere near that. With your software things seem possible again!

I (an occupational therapist) set this up for a client for trial on a Surface Pro and EyeGaze and had it working beautifully. Optikey is brilliant.

My dad appreciated Optikey immensely, as it gave him his voice back.

Since my family supplied me with Optikey I stopped feeling helpless. I can express my needs, share my feelings, and speak with others. Communication is most important. I am very grateful for Optikey.

I am a transverse myelitis patient. Thank you for changing my life.

Optikey is essential for my dad. I'm sure you've helped lots of people immensely.

Eye tracking tech needs to be available for all people who go through something like ALS/MND. Having a voice is so important. Thank you thank you thank you.

My father is using Optikey to comunicate - thank you very much for this software. You have given hope and a voice to my father I will always be grateful to you.

I would like to say this is a wonderful thing you are doing for people in need. You have our greatest respect for what you are doing to make such a profound difference in peoples lives.

I'm so thankful this software exists. We have tried this on our PC for my mom and for the first time in a long time she's been able to communicate exactly what she intended to, as oppose to us reading her lips and guessing.

My sincerest thanks to you for this program. This will help my best friend be able to communicate in a way that people can understand. He suffered severe brain damage and has not been able to speak clearly for many years. You are a blessing.

We are using Optikey here in Izmir, Turkey. We are so happy. Optikey is wonderful, thank you so much!

Just wanted to say that Optikey has reached all the way to the Philippines. My friend’s dad has ALS and hasn’t been able to communicate for almost 10 years now. You’re an inspiration, man.

Ahora que llevo 2 meses usando Optikey, puedo decir que uso el portátil tan rápido como antes de padecer ela, mis hijos y mi esposa alucinan. (Now that I have been using Optikey for 2 months, I can say that I use the laptop as fast as before - my children and my wife hallucinate!)

I want to thank you for the incredible gift that you have gaven to ALS patients. My father has this disease and at the moment he is losing his voice. Thank you so much, you have given us the chance to hear and help my daddy.

I trialled Optikey last night and was blown away that I was writing words with my eyes in less than two minutes. The fact this is being made available free will be a game changer for anyone with a condition that causes paralysis.

My family friends' daughter in Serbia is unable to communicate due to her speech impairment. We set up a tablet with Optikey to allow her to speak using symbols. It works perfectly! The amount of gratitude for what you’ve been building and for making it so widely available is huge. Thanks so much.

I'm really enjoying this for typing - it's got the ease of use of Grid 3, but with way better prediction. It's utterly brilliant.

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